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CHIMMASHEXPORT Department of standard equipment

The range of equipment delivered by Chimmashexport  includes more than 4000 types and modifications of pumps manufactured not only in Russia but also in CIS and spare parts to them. The pumps offered are characterized by improved reliability, efficiency,simplicity in installation and maintenance.
Besides Chimmashexport exports industrial valves for water, steam, petroleum products and gases which depending on their purpose of use are made from cast iron, steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals or titanium.
For chemically active mediums the valves with flowthrough section and flanges coated with polyethylene, fluoroplast of enamel are offered.



plants Air Separation plants
for production of liquid and gaseous gases: oxygen, nitrogen, and argon
helium plants Cryogenic helium plants
for cryogenic liquids Pumps for cryogenic liquids
plants Gasification plants
for storage Tanks for storage
Tanks for storage of liquid nitrogen, oxygen or argon
for transportation Tanks for transportation
Tanks for transportation of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon or helium
cylinders Oxygen cylinders
Water supply pumps Water supply
axial, cantilever, double suction, mobile self-priming, vortex, submersible
exhausters Superchargers exhausters

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