CHIMMASHEXPORT Historical note

Foreign Economic Joint-Stock Company «Chimmashexport» as a legal successor of V/O «Techmashexport», «Machinoexport», «Machinoimport» incorporated in the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR, commenced its commercial activity on the world market on January 1, 1987 as an export-import organization whose activity programme comprises the export of equipment and machinery worldwide and is one of largest Russian and CIS exporters of machines and equipment for the chemical, petrochemical, oil producing and oil refining branches of industry, of paper making equipment, products from plastics and rubber, units for air-separation and oxygen production, air compressors, cooling equipment, pumps and industrial valves.
Also A/0 Chimmashexport Ltd. supplies spare parts and components for the machines and equipment, maintains the supplied equipment, trains client’s specialists, renders engineering services, sells know-how.
Its activity covers selling of some raw materials, consumer goods, barter transactions.
The main field of CME’s activity is the designing of technical projects, supply of equipment, steel structures, accessories (including supervision of fabrication) for the projects realized in Russia/CIS by major engineering overseas companies. In doing so CME grants guarantees for the quality of the supplied equipment in compliance with the international requirements.
One of the main directions of CME’s activity is the delivery of gas purification equipment (electrostatic precipitators and bag filters) and also import of accessories for electrostatic precipitators, that are ordered by metallurgical, cement and paper-making plants in Russia and abroad. A/O Chimmashexport Ltd. takes an active part in renovation of the equipment run at air separation plants, compressor and irrigation pumping stations, participates in international tenders for the erection of new plants and stations.
In cooperation with more than 30 leading cryogenic, pumps and valves producing enterprises in Russia and the CIS, A/O Chimmashexport Ltd. exports the above equipment to Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Eastern European countries, Mongolia and so on. Furthermore under enquiries of different enterprises and organizations A/O Chimmashexport Ltd. imports equipment and components within the range of its activity programme.
A/O Chimmashexport Ltd. supplies also the complete lines, units and plants for the production of chemical goods, rubber products, paper and also of associated with these products technologies and design documentation.
A/O Chimmashexport Ltd. gained experience in the international market in realizing complex projects on turn-key basis according to international norms and requirements of foreign partners.
A/O Chimmashexport Ltd. has traditional long-term relations with numerous manufacturers of chemical, petrochemical and power equipment both in Russia and in the CIS. The equipment is manufactured and supplied according to the specifications of Customers and International and Russian standards.
In 1994 on the initiative of A/0 Chimmashexport Ltd. the subsidiary engineering company PETROCHIM ENGINEERING was established. Highly qualified specialists from the institutes VNIINEFTEMASH and NIICHIMMASH compose the basis of this company which is specialized in designing equipment for various branches of industry including the units operated at explosion and fire hazardous plants.
CME actively woks with the engineering company ECT SERVICE which is occupied in all the sections of engineering cycle (technical operating and service, design, author’s supervision for petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical plants, oil-and-gas production industry and main products pipelines. Thus CME in cooperation with the engineering companies ECT SERVICE and PETROCHIM ENGINEERING is ready to provide a complex of services:
— basic engineering;
— basic design;
— designing the technical projects for the equipment according to client’s technical specifications;
— supply of Russian standard and non-standard equipment for different projects in Russia, the CIS countries and abroad;
— supply of equipment for the plants constructed anew and for those under revamping (including import of components);
— supervision of fabrication and erection;
— precommissioning and training of personnel.
— inspection of production units, delivery of recommendations to their modernization in order to increase the period of the scheduled overhaul life.
The following specialized firms and departments form a part of A/0 Chimmashexport Ltd :
CHIMMASH — chemical, oil-refining, polymeric, pulp and paper, industrial rubber and other types of equipment, package plants and technologies;

CRYOGENMASH — cryogenic, cooling, compressor, membrane and gas-cutting equipment, industrial vessels;

NASOSMASH — pumping equipment and industrial valves;

NEFTEMASH — oil-field, geology prospecting, boring equipment, oil and gas pipeline laying equipment, road-building machinery, locomotives and accessories for locomotives, refuellers.

CHIMMETAL — metal-working machinery, conveyors, asbestos goods, metal goods, goods from wire, cast iron goods.

In 2005 A/O Chimmashexport Ltd. established Closed joint stock company CHOLODCHIMMASH, which is specialized in the development of refrigerating and frost technique, production of refrigerating systems for food, chemical and other branches of industry: poultry factories, milk plants, meat-packing plants, vegetable stores, plastic production and so on. 

Taking into account 30 years experience of activity of our organization we are sincerely interested in successful development of favorable cooperation and also in further close contacts. We hope that in future we shall have many fulfilled joint projects both in Russia and the CIS as well as in other countries of the world.

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