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CHIMMASHEXPORT Mobile medical centers (MMC)

Chimmashexport  company deals with:

  • manufacture and sale of pneumo-framed (inflatable) and metal-framed (framed) modules (tents, structures, constructions)
  • manufacture and sale of illumination systems, pneumatic extension-type towers, towers powered by hand-operated winch, manual extension towers, light towers;
  • manufacture and sale of metal prefabricated and demountable and folded structures and constructions;
  • manufacture and sale of prefabricated and demountable and folded furniture;
  • manufacture and sale of field (mobile) climate control equipment and climate control equipment for transportation;
  • development, manufacture, completing and assembly of relocatable complexes RC of different purpose on the base of the modules of own production;
  • development, manufacture, completing and assembly of autonomous relocatable camps ARC of different purposes and themes and mobile medical centers MMC of different purposes and on the base of the modules of own production.

The complete range of the products is manufactured according to own technical specifications (TS).


The content of any medical center of our design and completion can always be expanded and improved according to the needs of the customer after its installation and exploitation. In this center, keeping 350 beds for bed patients and even if we increase them if necessary we can equip it later with the following rooms and departments:

— therapeutist
— pediatrician
— ophthalmologist
— otolaryngologist
— surgeon
— traumatologist
— odontologist
and other specialists.
— examination rooms
— dressing wards
— gypsum room
— surgery blocks
— obstetrics & gynaecology and delivery department
— pediatry and neonatal resuscitation
— standoff insulator
— morgue

Enhancement of capabilities sterilization, laboratory and pharmacy facilities.
Increase the area of fencing, lighting and observation, and accommodate more medical staff living due to the increased number of services provided, and doctors accordingly. Besides the organization of the fully-featured kitchen for food preparation in case of treating noncontagious, but ordinary patients, where it is needed.
We can enlarge and modernize practically any our project. The fundamental part is engineering communications and the power supply, water supply and sewerage itself, as well as the disposal of SMW. As we design the whole project ourselves, we can also develop any of it.



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